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Silent Joe has been in operation for the last 15 years. Once focused entirely on national advertising, Silent Joe has been establishing a strong foot hold in Long Format work. With work ranging from 5 seasons of the cult hit Lost Girl (Prodigy), the recent completiion of Dark Matter (Prodigy) and the award winning childrens series The Adventures of Napkin Man (Breakthrough Entertainment), Silent Joe has continuously grown itself as a unique and forward thinking audio production company devoted to providing it's clients with a style all their own. SIlent Joe's newest division Junior Joe, has recently been launched  to work within the realm of children's content and creative.


Dark Matter

Client: Prodigy FIlms

Playdate - Ride Em Cowboys

Client: Sinking Ship Productions

Being Erica - Theme Song

Client: Temple Street

Still Mine

Director: Mike McGowan Producer: Jody Colero Music SUpervisor: Jody Colero

Lost Girl

Client: Prodigy

Stella and Sam - Theme Song

Client: Radical Sheep

You And Me - Theme Song

Client: DHX Media

You & Me - "Fly Go By" - Episode Song

Client: DHX Media

The Moblees - Theme Song

Client: Shaftesbury Kids

The Moblees - "Pulling The Plug" Episode Song

Client: Shaftesbury Kids

The Adventures of Napkin Man - Theme Song

Client: Breakthrough Entertainment

The Adventures of Napkin Man - "Just Me In The Tree" - Episode Song

Client: Breakthrough Entertainment

The Adventures of Napkin Man - "Try Share A Tops" - Episode Song

Hi Opie - Theme Song

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